Young Zoo Visitor Gets A Special Surprise From a Walrus

A simple glass wall can't separate these two lovebiirds, or should i be lovefish? A walrus at Pairi Daiza zoo's 'Land of the Cold' enclosure in Brugelette, western Belgium made a new friend in his exhibit. He decided to get her attention when he pgave the a little girl a kiss through the glass of its aquarium enclosure. The young zoo goer was ecstatic to see the display. 

Although she's holding a small plush panda toy, chances are she left that aquiarium with a very different favorite feature. The walrus swims over to the girl. She's standing at the edge with her hands up against the glass. Soon after approaching, the walrus bends down and gets eye-to-eye and nose-to-nose with the awestruck child. Then, the sea creature puckers up for his new friend! The beast even moves his head towards her directly. 

After this, the walrus swims away happily. The Pairi Daiza zoo knows that it's walrus is one of a kind. The location has even opened a hotel room in honor of it's favorite guest. The room, known as the Walrus House, lets marine loving guests see into the tank from the comfort of their bedroom. That little girl was not in the exquisite hotel room, but she sure wishes she could be!

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