How Beneficial Is Hiking?

Hiking is healthy! That's a well-known fact. But, exactly how does it stack up to walking and running? Let's find out. 

Hiking is one of the best ways to stay physically active right now. While the majority of gyms and exercise facilities are closed, people are neglecting exercise because they don't enjoy doing home workouts as much as in their desired exercise space. 

But, people have found a great way to try and circumvent their lack of interest in traditional calisthenic exercise, by supplementing their boring routine cardio with hiking. 

Additionally, more people are "into hiking" now than they ever were before. With the coronavirus lockdown, people are more apt to enjoy the great outdoors on a regular basis and repeat their activities simply because they are outdoors. 

For some reference on how hiking is good for you, a traditional brisk walk lasting one hour for a person that weighs 180 pounds burns roughly 451 calories. 

A hike of the same speed and magnitude, but with interchanging intensities and elevations, can help a 180-pound person burn 656 calories in the same period of time. 

So, a brisk walk could mean anything. A mile walk to the store, a walk around the park, or walking to the post office and back. Hiking traditionally relies on trails to guide the way. These trails are typically set up specifically for people to experience beautiful overlooks, running water, and whatever beauty the wildlife in that place has to offer. 

Not only is hiking good for your body, it is also exceptionally good for the mind. Go let loose for an hour or two, enjoy running around in the woods alone. 

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