Woman Opens Rescue Shelter for Special Needs Pups

In Raleigh, N.C., one woman made it her mission to save the dogs that nobody else would. Nicole Kincaid created a shelter known as Perfectly Imperfect Pups that saves dogs born with disabilities and special needs. Not counting the many foster dogs she cares for, Kincaid has six dogs of her own and half of them have special needs.

"It's just amazing seeing their perseverance. If we lost a leg or went blind, we would be crippled for months, but these guys are like, 'Oh, alright, cool, how are we gonna work this?'," said Kincaid in an interview with WRAL, "It's just inspiring." The love for these animals came when she adopted a dog with only two working legs about six years ago.

"It's just one of those things that I'm not sure I could be satisfied in life if I didn't do it," said Kincaid. "These dogs inspire me on a daily basis."

Although she has a full-time job and children, Kincaid still makes sure that the puppies are not forgotten. The shelter relies on volunteers and donations to stay afloat, but it's all worth it to save a life that might have otherwise been lost.  

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