Tel Aviv's New Electric Road Will Power Public Transit

Tel Aviv, Israel is the first city to make the large-scale rollout of a truly innovative piece of technology.  A stretch of electric roadway will make it possible to charge cars as they drive. The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality partnered up with ElectReon and Dan Bus Company to create the masterpiece. The road will run between Tel Aviv University Railway Station and Klatzkin Terminal in Ramat Aviv, measuring about 600 meters in length. 

"We have no doubt that," said Deputy Mayor for Transportation at Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality Meital Lehavi, "if the wide-scale experiment is successful, it will not only benefit the public, but also save resources, improve the operational efficiency of public transportation, and maybe even a new world-class method of electrification will emanate from Tel Aviv-Yafo."

As a result of this change, buses will not have to be charged or collect gas and will run on an unlimited schedule. Not only that, but both noise pollution and air pollution are expected to decrease. The pilot project could mean a whole new life for these passengers. 

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