Woman Brings Son to Job Interview, Sparks Discussion on Childcare

Maggie Mundwiller, 38, could not find any babysitters available in St. Louis to watch her son. She needed the care for an interview she had planned, but no one came to her rescue. She opted to email her interviewer and explain that they would have to reschedule. Much to her surprise, an email came back saying "We are child-friendly!" and encouraged Mundwiller to bring her son along. Maggie and her son Mylo ended up taking on the conversation together. 


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"How cool is that -- that a company would be so welcoming?" said Mundwiller in an interview with Good Morning America. "It's awesome to know that there are companies out there that are willing to work with parents and understand the struggles that parents are going through and just accommodate."

Mylo and Maggie took a TikTok video of their big day out. Mylo, only 1-year-old, is seen with freshly combed hair and in his Sunday best entering the impressive office building. 

Even cuter, Mylo came with his own specially drawn-up resume. His skills include destroying a space in 30 seconds, spotting a dog from a mile away, and even has two stellar references for his one year of experience (his mom and dad). Over the past year, a lot of young parents saw just how hard it can be to get back on the job search with a little one in tow. Hopefully, more companies can be as helpful and accommodating as this one was to Maggie. 

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