This Cat Stole Milk During an Online Church Service

In the UK, the Canterbury Cathedral has been live streaming church services to its patrons since houses of worship were shut down. They were closed due to the coronavirus lockdown in the country this past March. The Cathedral houses four cats on its grounds, and lucky viewers got to see this feline in action. Dr. Robert Willis, the Dean of Canterbury, was leading the service.

The cat, named Tiger, was first spotted sipping something on the ground from a bowl. The cat then jumped up beside Robert on a chair. After a few moments, he made his big move and jumped toward the milk jug on the table, dipping his paws into the drink. He then began licking his paws, which prompted a bit of a chuckle from the Dean.

"Sorry, we've acquired a friend this morning," said Robert as he collected the cat and placed him back on the ground. The Cathedral shared a video of their adorable mishap on their Facebook page with the caption "Join Dean Robert - and Tiger - for today's Morning Prayer from the gardens of Canterbury Cathedral." Viewers were delighted by the exchange!

This wasn't the Cathedral's first catastrophe either. Tiger's brother Leo had previously taken over a service when he was caught on camera trying to disappear into the DEan's robes. I guess he just has quite the way with cats!

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