Restaurant Customers Jump Into Action During Staff Emergency

On Friday, October 9, a New Zealand restaurant was saved by its customers after a group of employees had a surprise family emergency. The location, known as Thai Food Huntly, was packed with eager and hungry patrons. After waiting a bit, customers noticed only one cook was in the kitchen. With tables filling up quickly, one person jumped behind the counter and began working alongside the single chef, left alone in the wake of the emergency.

It wasn't long after that a few other experienced servers jumped in to help, taking orders, filling cups, and handling the cash.

"I was thinking how will the chef be able to do everything by himself?" questioned one patron of the restaurant, Emily Puhi, "Luckily someone from the neighbouring store asked if the chef needed help. Before we knew it a couple of others jumped in."

The Thai spot apologized on social media for the inconvenience but explained their family emergency required them to leave immediately. The customers didn't mind though, praising the community and chef on their location's social pages. As one person described the scene "It was such a beautiful feeling. I was really happy we live in such a great community." 

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