Philadelphia Christmas Trees Can Be Donated To Hungry Goats

While some people love to keep their Christmas tree for as long as possible, others want it out of their home immediately after the holiday concludes. Instead of throwing your holiday tree or wreath into a dumpster this year, leave it to the goats of Philadelphia to chow down! Up in Germantown, PA the Philly Goat Project is hosting tree-cycling to get rid of the biggest bummer of the year--an unusable tree. Instead, turn those leaves into a delicious meal for furry friends!

The Philly Goat Project asks that you donate $20 in addition to your Christmas tree. Based out of the Awbury Arboretum, the tree is eaten by the goats or turned into wood chips that help cover the trails around the grounds, the goat's pens, or in parks around Philadelphia! Donations go towards the continuation of the program as well as free community events for the city dwellers. Among these is an event known as "the Ramble," a monthly sensory-friendly space for people with disabilities.

In past years, donators have been encouraged to pet the goats and explore the grounds. However, due to COVID precautions, this year things are done a bit differently. Visitors on the grounds are limited, trees can be dropped off in the "express lane," and the petting zoo has been traded in for a drive-thru Christmas Safari where little ones can look at the goats from the safety of the car. Come with your (undecorated!) tree and enjoy the scenery while helping the animals!

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