Pet Groomer TikToks Share Secrets of the Industry

Have you ever thought about what happens when you drop off your precious pet at the groomers? Well, this TikTok star is here to help. Vanessa De Prophetis is a professional pet groomer based in Ontario, Canada. In April, she began sharing her tips and tricks on TikTok. From grooming hacks to crate training advice, she is giving pet owners an easy and free way to learn more about pet care, and those owners are loving it.


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The bond the groomer creates with a pet is unlike any other, according to De Prophetis. She elaborates in one of her TikTok videos, "When you take your dog to the same groomer for years, we create a bond with your dog. We learn what they like and dislike, we know where every bump and mole is, we notice changes in your dog and often times can make life-saving discoveries."

The bond between the pet and their groomer is much deeper than many people realize, and De Prophetis wouldn't change her career for the world. 


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The groomer urges owners to be realistic with whether or not their pet can handle grooming mentally or physically. Are they too old, too rowdy, or too much for one groomer to handle? If not, make sure they are definitely fit and able to get the royal treatment. It can be something truly special for all parties involved. 

"[W]e grow to love your dog just as much as you do!" said the TikTok star. "So when you’ve left us for someone new, it’s not about the money; we genuinely miss your dog."

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