Oregon Family Puts Their New House Color To a Public Vote

The Landreth family in Portland, Oregon is shocked that what started as a school project for their middle school-aged daughter to learn about data ended up trending on the Internet. They painted a few options for a new color on the side of their house, posted a QR code which led to a Google Doc to vote, and hoped a couple passerbys would help out. They had no idea that they'd get more than 2,000 votes from 20 different countries overnight.

Kind neighbor Michal Naka happened to walk by and tweet a photo of the poll set up, and it racked up 13,000 likes and 6,300 shares. Another user posted an image from the poll: 

“We went to bed last night and had about 60 people walking by, and we’re like, ’60, that’s crazy!'” Brian Landreth, Grace’s father, said. “Currently, there’s more than 2,000 entries.” The options for paint color choices are a muted “Rocky Mountain” brown, “Wild Orchid” purple,” an “In Good Taste” slate blue,” the turquoise “Blessed Blue,” and “It’s Well” sky blue. While turquoise seems to be in the lead, you can still vote in the poll before it closes. 

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