New Site Connects Pet Adopters With Previous Owners

For people who adopt their pets from rescue shelters, there's usually not a lot of information on where their furry friend came from. Well, not anymore with Pet Parents’ Place. Created by Connie Bekavac, the website is a spot for anyone who gave up their pet to see how the little friend ended up. Or, if you just want to find out where your pet used to live and who they used to belong to, that information is also readily available. 

The website is free to anyone who wants to dig a little deeper. Using the breed, color, age, chip ID number, noticeable marks, pictures, videos, and a few personal details, the site can match any two pet parents. It says on the homepage "Help bring peace of mind to those pet parents that wonder what happened to their beloved pet. Find out that your past pet or a foster pet now has a loving home."

Connie figures some people want to know where their pets came from or where they went. 

"Even though you couldn’t take care of them anymore, you’d be happy you’d given them a good start," Connie told the Washington Post. "The other side of that is people can also find if there are any behavioral or medical issues about the dog. It’s two-sided. It’s kind of like an open adoption, if you will, for pets."

Whether you're learning about an old friend or a new one, there's always a missing piece of the puzzle to find.

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