Singapore Plants 1 Million Trees, Putting a Park 10 Minutes From Every Resident

It's not easy being green for most places, but Singapore is certainly trying. The nation planned on planting over one million trees in an effort to revitalize their once-rich mangrove forest ecosystems. The project will save numerous endangered animals, reptiles, and tree species from dying out entirely. The increase in planting will also be able to connect every resident with a nearby park, the farthest distance from one being about 10 minutes. 

These great changes are all coming from one place: the trees. "They serve as natural air filters, they reflect radiant heat, and cool surfaces and help to mitigate climate change," said National Parks Conservation Group director Adrian Loo in an interview with Mongabay. Studies have shown that those who are more exposed to nature experience less mental fatigue, lowered stress levels, and an overall improvement on their well-being. 

The project to plant a million trees is set to end by the year 2030. It's not the only park project the country is seeing. The government is also funding a variety of outdoor mood-boosters such as rooftop gardens, city foliage, therapy garden parks, and more. Hopefully, with all this green space, the residents with feel more fulfilled socially, mentally, and physically. It's not easy being green, but it sure is rewarding!

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