This Chef's New Book Teaches Zero Waste Cooking

Anne-Marie Bonneau, a blogger and internet personality, loves living a zero-waste lifestyle. The artist has finally combined all of her eco-friendly tips, delicious recipes, and cooking smarts into a giant, sustainable book titled "The Zero-Waste Chef: Plant-Forward Recipes and Tips for a Sustainable Kitchen and Planet." It also teaches more than just cooking, such as practices to reduce waste day to day. 

"To reduce my waste, I had to examine every aspect of my life, make decisions more intentionally, slow down, and live more simply," said the chef. She says that becoming more mindful in the kitchen has helped her cooking and her personal life. She says a big part of this lifestyle change is buying based on ingredients, not recipes. 

"Contemplate the next incarnation of the bits left over from prepping," she writes "or the leftover dish itself."

She also teaches readers how best to store these leftovers. The secret? Jars, lots and lots of jars.

"I can't hoard enough jars, although I won't settle for just any jar I can get my hands on (a good rule to follow for just about everything in life)," she writes.

Though she admits it's not easy to transition to zero waste, it's certainly a worthwhile change to make in one's life. Go zero-waste and have zero carbon footprint!

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