Philly Offers 1,000 Trees For Residents to Plant At Home

Spring has sprung in Philadelphia, PA! Just like the year prior, Philadelphia has pledged to give out 1,000 trees to anyone who wants them thanks to an organization called TreePhilly. TreePhilly is a program by the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation that works in partnership with the local Fairmount Park Conservancy. In 2009, Mayor Michael Nutter’s Office of Sustainability wanted to support local wildlife and conservancy by increasing trees in the city!

It's not just a chance to have a pretty green space. It's also a way to prolong the lives of the Eagles fans. An improved tree canopy could potentially keep hundreds of Philadelphians from premature death, according to an April 2020 study.

"Trees are the lungs of our city," said Kathryn Ott Lovell, the Parks & Recreation Commissioner. "They help keep Philadelphians healthier, and make our neighborhoods stronger and more beautiful."

"Trees provide essential services for city residents," said McCarthy, "They lower stress levels, improve our respiratory health, and cool our homes on hot summer days."

For Philly locals who want a free tree, the program will host 13 no-contact events to come to pick one up. For those without a car or in high-risk households, a door front delivery service is also available. It's not easy being green, but it definitely is possible!

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