UPS Driver Gifted $1000 From Local Community

The holiday season for a UPS driver can be a pretty stressful time. Packages are late, snow delays cause issues, and everyone is relying on you! This year, the pandemic also caused an increase in online ordering, making the holidays even harder. In Dauphin, Pennsylvania, one UPS driver has been going above and beyond to make sure his community is getting their packages as quickly as possible. The Dauphin residents knew this, so they decided to do something above and beyond for him too. 

To thank him for his extra-long hours, the local community joined forces to show their support. The plan was to raise $500 for a gift card, but instead, they reach over $1000 in donations! He headed to an end-of-day pickup but, instead of a package, he saw the locals holding up thank-you banners, a giant signed card, and lots of masked, smiling faces. Oh, and a check for $1000 from the group!

"It was very overwhelming. The idea that they even thought of me to do anything," said the UPS driver, "To go above and beyond and do what they did was truly amazing to me."

As long as Chad Turns is behind the wheel, rest assured that your package is in great hands. This guy puts the "special" in special delivery!

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