Crowds Gather in Public Parks to Welcome Spring

Spring has sprung across the Northeast! For the first day of spring, many states saw their first warm weather day in months. People all over were taking advantage of the sunshine. In Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Museum of Art drew large crowds for both leisurely art appreciation as well as lounging on the infamous steps and lawns. 

"I would rate it a ten out of ten. It's perfect," said one visitor visiting from Atlanta, GA about the clear skies.

It was a day filled with outdoor gatherings with friends and relatives, many of whom had been kept at a distance during the cold months of the pandemic. Though outdoor gatherings are allowed by local and state guidelines, many Northern residents were unable to meet up due to the harsh weather conditions like snow and extremely low temperatures. During spring though, beating the heat is no problem when it comes to seeing your family and loved ones. 

Other activities included many people jogging, biking, walking with friends, picnics, and more. It seemed that everyone was taking a break from their computer screens and work agenda to get a breath of fresh air. At least in Philadelphia, it also seemed that everyone followed CDC guidelines.

"We just walked around the art museum," said North Philadelphia resident Nasim Jones, out for a walk with his niece.

No matter how you spent the day, make sure you spend the next one being safe!

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