Man's Hilarious Pet Portraits Raise Thousands for Charity

Phil Heckels reported "Internet fame" began six short weeks ago, and this unexpected fame is oddly for his lack of real artistic talent.

Phil had been trying to get his six-year-old son to make a "thank you" card for a family member when he picked up the sketchbook himself and drew a silly picture of their dog, Narla. He uploaded a picture of his work on Facebook with a funny caption stating that the drawing was "on sale for £299."

"It was pretty crap," said the Worthing, England resident.

But by the end of the day, however, requests had poured in from friends asking him to draw their own pets.

The full-time commercial real estate agent set up a Facebook page for commissions under the pseudonym "Hercule Van Wolfwinkle."

On the page, he penned the hilarious tagline, "Extremely realistic pictures which will grace any household."

When a client insisted on paying Heckels, he declined, telling people to give money to charity instead. He later set up an online fundraiser that has since generated over £11,500. He's said that as long as people are still donating, he will happily continue to draw pet portraits.

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