Little Boy With Skull Condition Gets A Puppy Just Like Him

There really is someone for everyone. When little Branson Figueroa, now 2, was first diagnosed with craniosynostosis, his family was immediately worried about what this would mean for his future. Craniosynostosis is a skull condition where a baby's skull is formed too early. After a surgery relieving the pressure on his head, little boy Branson was cured. As a reward for his good behavior and overcoming the odds, his parents bought him a Boston terrier puppy.

But this dog was like no other. 

Branson named the dog Thanos, after his favorite character from the “Avengers” movies. After a few days of bonding though, the Figueroa family noticed something was a little off about their new friend. "Thanos was sleeping a lot and was a little unsteady," said Branson's mother, Heather Figueroa, "Sometimes he’d fall down while walking. He didn’t like lying flat or tilting his head back, and my husband thought his eyes looked a little funny." After some deliberation, they took the puppy to the vet to find out what was going on. 

After a few tests, the veterinarian determined that the dog had some genetic issues or possibly fluid in the brain. Due to this, he would need a similar surgery to what their own son had gone through. Thanos has had to delay surgery during the coronavirus pandemic, but friends and family members are excited for him to rejoin the family again soon, fully healed. Even better, those family and friends chipped in to cover the dog's veterinary care. 

"First our son and now his dog. For so many people to chip in what they could to help has really brightened our lives during a dark time," said Heather. Including the MRI, genetic testing, appointments with a neurologist, and surgery, the entire care of the dog could end up close to $13,000 in payments. In just a few days, the family raised over $10,000 to save their little boy's dog. The family knows they just couldn't give him up. After all, they are man's best friend!

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