Junction City Coffee Joint Shows Appreciation to Coffee Bean Harvesters

In Central Illonois, there's a new coffee shop in town, and it's one that celebrates the people that make it possible. Café Santa Rosa just opened in the town of Peoria, but Marta and Herber Vidal are not singing their own praises. Instead, they've decided to show their appreication to the people who harvest their authentic South American coffee beans. After immigrating to the USA from Columbia, they've watched the work being done firsthand.

"We live in a country with safety. It’s taken for granted," said Marta, "Where there are so many resources available for people. In Colombia, harvesters live in poor conditions."

Marta and her husband were saddened by the total lack of medical care, childcare support, and environmental factors that affect the people who work so hard for them. They also stated that in Colombia, the workers can often be tasked with climbing steep hillsides with nearly 200 pounds of coffee beans.

So, they decided to help out in the best way they knew how...coffee! From planting to purchasing, the Vidal family is watching over the process of their coffee. Doing this, they're employing 25 of their own harvesters who will benefit from their first mission to help the local community: a free clinic. Marta and Herber hired two Colombian doctors and one dentist to help out the people in the area.

"We are here," said Marta, "We’re in this country and we’re going to do the best we can to help others"

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