Little Boy Gifted A Birthday Present From Garbage Truck Drivers

Out in Portland, Oregon, a little boy just had his birthday dreams come true.  Kamden Park has become obsessed with garbage trucks during the pandemic, watching them come and go from the suburban home window. The newly 3-year-old Kamden was celebrating his birthday (socially distanced of course) when the whole family welcomed another guest...the garabge truck drivers!

Kamden had gotten into the habit of watching the men every Friday afternoon at approximately 11:30. He never expected to see them on Tuesday morning, joining a pandemic brithday parade for the little boy. Six of the santiation workers from Arrow Sanitary drove a truck by Kamden’s house, as his mother said the facisnation was more with large trucks. Kamden was also intrigued by the grappling arms that hold the bins. It's what started the unusual friendship. 

"Every Friday the kid is out the window waiting for me and I just enjoy being in the neighborhood," said sanitation worker Mark McKenzie. "It makes me part of the neighborhood — that’s how I take it on all my routes." Mark and Kamden became close after Kamden came down to say hello and got a full tour of the massive vehicle. It allowed the two neighbors to foster a real friendship. Mark brought a gift for his friend too, a tiny trashcan filled with gifts. Truly a friendship and a birthday worth remembering...

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