Hot Springs National Park Is More Than Just Beautiful

The Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas host the beautiful Hot Springs National Park, which has over 5,000 acres of thermal waters. Nature lovers from all over visit this park annually to experience the hot springs for themselves. In fact, there are 47 naturally heating springs to enjoy. It is the only national park that is governmentally mandated to give the public its primary natural resource. People believe it to have been used as a healing source some 3,000 years ago.

In 2019, the park boasted an impressive 1,467,153 visitors, but this is actually less than the park had in 1962. Back then, guests numbered 1,874,000. This makes sense, as it is one of America's most accessible parks. Admission to these acres is totally free, and pets are encouraged to join their owners in the great outdoors. Only 38,000 people live in the surrounding town of Hot Springs, so tourism is key in this area. 

For those who prefer hiking up rather than winding down, the springs are still an excellent vacation spot. Both the Hot Springs and North Mountain Trails as well as the West Mountain Trails make up about 26 miles of hiking throughout the park. Both are rather easy for beginners, but more experienced hikers can head to the Sunset Trail for a deeper climb. 

No matter where you go in the Hot Springs National Park, know that this place is definitely worth a visit!

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