Here's How You Can Add Some Much-Needed Nature To Your Indoor Space

Getting outdoors and into the fresh air are known stress-relievers. Whether you live by the beach, the moutains, or in the city, taking a break from screens and taking a walk through nature is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost both  your health and spirits. However, living through a pandemic doesn't always make leaving the house very easy. It can be a daunting, anxiety-filled task. If getting out into the public worries you, here are some hacks to bring nature to you.

While pets and house plants are already very useful in boosting morale, there are even more ways to feel closer to nature while stuck inside. Did you know that those moving light patterns that are caused by light reflecting off wind-disturbed water actually have an extremely calming effect? That sort of movement also enourages mindfulness and grounding within the moment. 

Easy and cheap ways to make your house feel more in touch with the elements include: 

Placing an insect screen and net curtain outside a window. This encourages light-changing patterns that move with the wind. 

Placing a shallow tray of water on a sunlit balcony or counter will also generate the light reflections that are meant to calm your brain and body.

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