Boston's Wine Fairies Are Spreading Good Cheer Just North of the City

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone deserves a little kindness and a bottle of wine.

Ginny Bevington spends every weekend secretly delivering wine to strangers in her small Massachusetts town. 

This practice has seen a rise in popularity in three small suburbs that are north of the Boston city limits. Bevington runs the private Facebook page that that organizes these wine-drops. Her following has increased from 40 members to 3,400 members since April 30th. 

Bevington took this idea from her cousin that lives in Maryland. Evidently, there is a wine gifting community there that has been extremely active during the coronavirus lockdown. Bevington loved the idea of spreading community morale to strangers who need it most, so she filled up her minivan with bottles of wine and hasn't looked back since.

In order to get into the gifting circle, you must be at least 21 years old and live in the Billerica, Tewksbury, or Wilmington Massachusets area. First, you must be accepted to the closed Facebook group by the moderators, then they post their address and preferred style of wine. After that, a "wine fairy" will drop a bottle of wine off at their doorstep. 

Every single member of this group is expected to deliver at least one bottle of wine on their own. The idea is not to expect free wine for doing nothing, but to pass the kind gesture along just like someone did for you. 

Also, it's encouraged that you wear a costume with as much glitter as possible if you're going to be a wine fairy. That's just part of the game. 

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