Here's How People Are Celebrating New Moms During the Pandemic

Many people are worried about new moms giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic, so two sisters Katherine and Kelly started an initiative called Project Buttercup to spread some #CoronaKindness.

Katherine, Kelly, and volunteers send e-cards to participating hospitals, then the cards are printed out in sterile environments and hand delivered to the new moms.

"This is an easy, easy way to volunteer from home,  so we would love if people submit e-cards on the website, and if you're a healthcare provider and you want us in your hospital also please reach out to us. We would love to reach more patients,” said Kelly Tomera.

More than a thousand cards have been made in delivered in both English and Spanish. The small act of kindness brings a lot of joy to anxious new moms who have to go through the labor and delivery process right now. At the start of the pandemic, most new moms had to deliver their babies without their partner in the room for everyone's safety. Kelly and Katherine hoped to ease that anxiety with this project, and the results seem to be a success.

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