Here is Why You Should Donate to 'Maine Needs'

Angela Stone has been providing help for her community long before the coronavirus pandemic struck, but now is the time her community needed her the most...

Angela Stone saw a huge problem in her community over a year ago.

She was volunteering at a local homeless shelter when she formed a particularly strong relationship with a family that was about to be discharged. They left with more tools than they came in with, but nearly a year later, when Stone visited the family in their new home, she was shocked to discover that they still had virtually nothing. 

So, this prompted the 37-year-old to start a Facebook group called "Maine Needs," which primarily helps families get food donations, find jobs, get household items, furniture, and cash to get them up on their feet.

Fast forward to now, what was formerly a single hand effort became the source of 6,000 local volunteers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The world needs organizations like Maine Needs more than ever right now. Families are terrified to leave their homes, especially when they don't have healthcare or are undocumented. People who do not have any other means of transportation are afraid to get on the bus with their babies and toddlers.

These same people are too afraid/cannot afford the proper PPE to stand in lines at food banks or grocery stores. People fear that when they leave their houses that they will be unable to find what they need at the stores (due to the worldwide food shortage). 

Maine Needs facilitates places for volunteers to donate funds, food, clothes, PPE, and cleaning supplies directly to a network of people that need help the most. 

If you want to help out, apply to be part of the Maine Needs Facebook page.


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