"Happy Family" TikTok Trends Can Actually Be Pretty Damaging

It's important to keep in mind that usually, someone's social media feed is just a highlight reel of their most positive moments. However, the TikTok channel "Happy Family," which is meant to spread joy, comes across as fake and insensitive to some users.

Most of the quick videos show content like a father and daughter dancing, a mother taking part in her child's trending rap video, or some other over the top display of staged fun. But for those who didn't grow up in a happy or supportive household, these videos feel forced and distasteful. Not everyone is lucky enough to have parents who love them unconditionally or who take part in carefree fun like that shown on TikTok.

While the videos are truly just meant to be fun, even if they are staged, it's best to keep in mind who your audience might be. The same goes for channels that show things like pregnancy reveals or pranks. Those things aren't jokes, and while they might be intended for one specific audience, people who struggle with infertility may come across your content, so be mindful of what you post.

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