Scientists Urge Us To "Protect 30% of the Planet for Nature" In New Report

Scientists have released the most comprehensive report to date about the economic implications of protecting nature. Over 100 economists and scientists believe the global economy would benefit from developing more protected areas of land and sea. If at least 30% of th world's land and nature were protected from modernization, the benefits outweigh the costs 5-1.

The growing collapse of the natural world threatens up to one million species with extinction. The data within this report is so clear, and there is building momentum for a global agreement about how to move forward with this conservation initiative. The United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity included this 30% protected area goal in it a draft of its 10 year strategy.

The report, "Protecting 30% of the planet for nature: costs, benefits and economic implications," is the first of its kind to discuss the effect of protected areas across multiple economic sectors. Mentioned are agriculture, fisheries, and forestry. Currently, only 15% of the world's land and 7% of the world's oceans are protected. 

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