Dogs Pose In Beautiful Landscapes For Portrait Series

Mother nature sees pets as they truly are, just another group of creatures roaming the earth. That's what French photographer Audrey Bellot wanted to showcase in her new portrait series. A longtime dog lover herself, the artist has found her trademark in pet photography, showing off her love through her passions. Thanks to these passions, she and her pets have traveled all across the globe. 

"I sincerely believe that dogs bring a lot to our everyday lives," said Bellot in an interview, "Love, happiness, security, and much more."

Ohana, a Golden Retriever posed in a field of lavender, is one of many pet portraits she's done over the years. Some other examples include a husky sitting in a grassy forest and a Samoyed who barks at the snowy hills.  "I like to show in my pictures the authentic expressions of dogs in extraordinary natural settings," said the photographer, "It is important to understand how dogs feel and express their emotions to get captivating portraits."

For Bellot, capturing a dog's personality can be done with a little creative set design. 

Bellot knows her canine companions are the real stars of the show, but the background landscape isn't too hard to look at either. Hopefully, Bellot's artwork will showcase just how beautiful our furry friends can be while also demonstrating the natural beauty of the world. 

"I often choose combinations of places and dogs that perfectly match both the colors and the atmosphere," she revealed. "It is with these images that I also want to show the world how wonderful and majestic dogs are."

Fans can follow her journey at @audreybellotphotos on Instagram. This follow will definitely be a treat!

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