Colorado Rescue Searches for 100 Fosters for Texas Pets

With the recent snowy weather crisis in Texas, many people are unsure of how to deal. A Colorado dog rescue recently transported over 100 shelter dogs from Texas to escape the damages created by Winter Storm Uri. Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue is seeking additional foster homes for their new southern pups. The site normally restricts their intake to pregnant and nursing dogs as well as their litters, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

"I knew there was going to be a huge need for dogs that were left outside, dogs that were dumped," said Aron Jones, MAMCO founder, in an interview with KUSA. "And it's because so many dogs have been dumped in the cold. There's nowhere to put them down there."

The transport hasn't happened yet, as a certain number of dogs need to have set-up foster locations prior to shipment. With nowhere to put them, fostering a dog could mean saving the lives of many more. 

According to the rescue center, the foster homes will be given everything required to care for a new furry friend in the home. This includes things like playpens, food, toys, and puppy pads. Thankfully, they've already been flooded with applications from locals hoping to take in a furry friend during these trying times. For those unable to take in a dog in need, donations are welcomed and encouraged by the organization, both monetary and necessary goods. 

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