These Cities Will Pay You To Make A Move

Do you ever get the urge to just leave it all behind and start over somewhere new? These cities get it, and will actually pay you to take the leap and pick their town. Among these is Tulsa, OK. For those who head to this landlocked state, expect a $10,000 grant if you agree to live in the city for a full year. They also offer participants of this program access to a co-working center, assistance in finding the right home, and frequent community-building opportunities.

For those who are more interested in Southern hospitality, both Savannah, GA and Ozarks, AK offer monetary incentives to move. For the Ozarks, anyone working a remote, full-time job, $10,000 is on the table along with a free bike. For those who prefer the pull of Savannah, the city will give you $2,000 after 30 days of residency to cover any moving expenses, though they do have some additional restrictions on who can qualify for such a wonderful perk. 

Newton, IA offers a stipend for newcomers, as does Hamilton OH, and Topeka, KS. Topeka will give you $10,000 if you want to rent, but $15,000 if you'd consider buying a home. Hamilton wants STEM grads and Newtown will give you cold, hard cash, to consider them. If none of those sounds like the right choice, the state of Alaska also offers around $1,000 to head up north. Making a big change isn't as scary when you can line your pockets!

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