Baseball Fan Gives Home Run Ball to Rival Team

Sports fans can get pretty heated when it comes to their home teams. Two young baseball fans showed this week that at the end of the day, it really is just a game. When the Philadephia Phillies played against the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park in Atlanta, Joshua and his father were in the stands supporting the Philly baseball players. Then, a home run came right towards them! Joshua missed the ball, and then he missed it again!

Cameras caught Joshua and his dad in a hilarious exchange as they attempted to grab the ball that kept slipping out of their grasp. However funny, that wasn't the moment that made people awe. Instead, once Joshua finally got the home run ball, he graciously gave it away to an Atlanta Braves fan. The little boy was wearing a Freeman jersey, and he ecstatically showed his own father the prize-winning ball. 

The boy and his father came over to the Phillies fans to express their gratitude. Even Freeman showed his admiration by getting Joshua a signed ball from Philadelphia player Bryce Harper as well as himself. Both teams happily posted the exchange and sportsmanship on social media. This is a game with no losers, but more winners than anyone could have expected!

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