Domino's Tests Out Self-Driving Robots to Deliver Pizza

This week, Domino's rolled out a robot delivery car service to select customers in Houston. Pies will be delivered via a fully autonomous vehicle made by Nuro.

Residents of Woodland Heights will be able to select robot delivery during checkout and receive texts with updates on the car's location, as well as a numerical code that can be used to retrieve the order.

Once the car arrives, customers can enter the number on the bot's touchscreen, and the car doors open up to reveal the pizza inside.

"There is still so much for our brand to learn about the autonomous delivery space," said Dennis Maloney chief innovation officer and senior vice president of Domino's. "This program will allow us to better understand how customers respond to the deliveries, how they interact with the robot and how it affects store operations."

Self-driving pizza delivery vehicles are not new to the technological landscape; in 2018, Pizza Hut announced that it was partnering with Toyota to release a fully autonomous delivery vehicle.

Domino's has been working on the delivery method since 2013 when the company tested drone pizza delivery in the United Kingdom.

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Post originally appeared on Upbeat News.