Baltimore Hunger Free Zone Launches to Help Feed Community

Hunger and food insecurity remain huge issues within the city of Baltimore, MD. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, schools and businesses have been closed longer than most people expected, including those who rely on such institutions for regular eating. 

Thanks to organizations like the Hunger-Free Zone, residents of Baltimore can sleep easily knowing that food security is close by. Part of a global network aimed at feeding millions around the globe for several years, the chapter has come a long way since its debut in December of 2020.

About 750 people each week are fed by the Baltimore chapter of HFZ. The group hopes to systematically propagate spiritual consciousness in Baltimore by the use of delicious meals. All selections are fresh, scrumptious, and highly nutritious, as well as vegan. Their mission was set into motion by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, the leader of Iskcon Baltimore.

They also aim to assist in ending poverty, emphasizing community work as well as collaborative efforts to create a better life and a sustainable future where everyone can succeed and live fruitfully. They accomplish this goal every day by joining forces with local farmers, community leaders, advocates and activists, business professionals, and donations. One in four Baltimore residents faces food insecurity, but all it takes is a first step in the right direction. 

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