Army Father Meets His Son For The First Time At Patriot Awards

For many overseas veterans, missing the childhood of their kids is just part of the job. One man, Captain John J. Klein III, a U.S. Army Signal Company Commander for the 34th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade, was deployed to the Middle East when his wife fell pregnant. Luckily, he was going to be honored at the Patriot Awards for the Modern Warrior, which celebrates the work of military personnel on the other side of the world. His family went to accept the award on his behalf, and they were in for quite a shock. 

Veronica Klein, the wife to the Captain, has been at home raising their three children and four-month-old baby son while he has been deployed. Veronica gave a tearful speech, saying "We aren't the only families dealing with this. We love him, he's our hero, and we're just waiting for his return." Well, his return didn't take long, because he was standing behind the curtain the whole time! He gleefully reunited with his sons, while picking up his newborn and remarking at how much he had grown. 

John also made some remarks at the showcase, saying "I know there's a lot of other families out there, a lot of other soldiers that serve as well, so I'm gonna accept this on behalf of every single soldier that serves on my team."

For John and the rest of the separated military families out there, reunions like these are extra special and make the job a lot more worthwhile. 

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