Arizona Woman Delivers Survival Kits to the Homeless

It's difficult to bring yourself to give back sometimes. Hillary Engel is doing her best to be an example to show others how they should be treating people that need help but don't get it.

"I just got tired of driving past people and not having anything to give," said Engel while being interviewed by News 4 Tuscon. So, she started making up bags of pre-prepared goods for the homeless folk that are trapped outside in the Arizona heat. 

"I keep them in my car. And, as I am driving around town and I see someone who needs something, I'll pull over and I'll hand them a bag." 

These bags are full of useful things that people who live on the street can use to keep themselves clean, hydrated, and prepped for the oppressive Arizona heat. 

Some of the items that Engel includes in her care packages are: water bottles, socks, disposable masks, snacks, dog food, feminine hygiene goods, and many more useful objects. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Engel has been spending the majority of her time getting active within the protests and assisting homeless folks. 

If things were normal, she would be directing the pit band at the Sahuaro High School in Tuscon. She started this project when she became inspired by one of her band members. They both decided to collaborate on a helping-the-homeless project several months before coronavirus hit. Now, she's in the full swing of things. 

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