After Neighbors Pitch In To Help Horse Trainer After Spinal Surgery, She Pays the Acts of Kindness Forward

Rancher Kristin Kinney has been wearing an uncomfortable neck brace following her recent spinal surgery. She has a difficult time performering her daily tasks around her San Tan Valley ranch because of her long recovery. 

"I can't lift over 5 to 8 pounds," said Kinney. "That's what a gallon of milk would weigh. I've got all my animals, and I'm a horse trainer and ranch girl. I'm used to working."

Thankfully, her neighbors Debbie and Don Winters stepped up to the plate to help keep Kinney's ranch functioning. The two have been coming over every day for the last three months to feed the animals and help Kinney around the house. 

"She's kind of a proud girl, so she doesn't ask for help much," Debbie Winters said. "I kind of just said, 'I'm going to start feeding horses for you.'"

Kinney reached out to CBS 5 to "Pay it Forward" to her kindhearted neighbors. She gave them a $500 gift card to thank them for all of their help. A CBS 5 news crew captured the special moment. 

"For everything you've done for me, I've reached out to Channel 5 and their Pay It Forward program, because there is no way I can speak to you – tell you how much you mean to me," Kinney said. "Debbie, if it wasn't for you, my horses would be skinny, and my ducks have 50 million eggs."

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