About 68% of Americans Think Their Mom is ‘The Cool Mom’

According to a new survey of over 2,000 Americans, seven out of ten believe their own mom to be 'The Cool Mom' of their friend group. Equalling out to be around 68%, their reasons for what sets their mom apart actually turn out to be pretty similar. Of the 68%, about 62% say that their mother speaking openly and honestly with them is a huge differentiator from other guardian figures. 

Good communication is nice, but gifts always talk a little louder when it comes to being a cool mom. About 52% said that their mother's desire to spoil her loved ones made her a little better than other mothers. Most of all though, people said their mother taught them important life lessons and skills to use out in the real world. These included how to "be responsible" and "live in the moment"  as well as "how to be a super parent."

However, it's been a pretty hard year for everyone. About 60% of survey takers said their mom was struggling more this year than ever before. In case your mom is the same, make sure you get her something extra special this Mother's Day. After all, if you want to have a cool mom, it certainly helps to be a pretty cool kid right back!

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