A Welsh Zoo May Have to Euthanize Hundreds of Animals if They Don't Receive Financial Assistance

This Welsh zoo has warned that they may have to kill hundreds of their animals who are at risk of starvation since they were unable to collect government funds due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The owners of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom have just released the information that they are in dire straits right now. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the zoo has not been able to sustain itself adequately financially. 

Evidently, they only have enough money to feed their animals for one more week. 

The zoo's owners released this statement on Monday: "I’m sorry to say that financially things are looking bleak here at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom. We have maybe a week’s money left and then we will have to start looking at re-homing some of our animals, or as a last resort euthanizing the ones we can’t find homes for.”


After struggling through a "long, quiet winter season," the zoo's condition worsened when they found out that they were not eligible for the special government relief fund due to their location.

They need your help now more than ever. Zoos have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus crisis. Between animals getting sick and needing to be quarantined, having to reinvent the way zoos function to aide in social distancing protocol, and lacking sufficient support from the government, it's difficult to say whether zoos will be returning strongly after the pandemic subsides. 

The Borth Wild Animal Kingdom very well may close down this week, but if you visit their Facebook page and donate, you can help prevent the unnecessary death of hundreds of animals. 

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