A McDonald's Owner Donates 10,000 Meals to Hurricane Victims

You might have heard of the McRib, but what about the McRig? This supersized food truck was the idea of one McDonald's franchise store owner who was seeing the victims of Hurricane Laura in Louisiana firsthand. He knew he had to give back. Many residents were left without food, water, shelter, electricity, or even contact with loved ones. It was a scary time, but a warm meal could satisfy at least one of their problems. 

Rikesh Patel, owner and operator of 25 different local McDonald's locations, couldn't stand idly by and watch the damage unfold. In an interview with CNN, Patel described the scene as traumatic. "Pictures don’t do it justice," he said, "It’s so much worse than what you’re seeing on social media." He made a few calls to the corporate HQ of the chain and was able to get a McRig out to the city of Lake Charles.

Running for nearly a week, the McRig donated about 10,000 meals to anyone impacted by the hurricane. Each meal came complete with cheeseburgers, fries, and bottled water. It was the largest and most powerful hurricane to hit the state since 1856. It might not fix every problem, but a warm meal, a friendly smile, and a little hope can go a long way in the wake of tragedy. 

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