29 French Bulldogs Saved from Puppy Mills Relocated To LA

These Frenchies are ready to find their forever home, now in the sunniest city! Wagmor Pets, a Los Angeles dog rescue. took in 29 French bulldogs and some French bulldog mixes. The effort was to save the animals from meat markets in China, and now they're looking for a new future in Los Angeles. The dogs were deemed no longer valuable after a certain age in China, and so they needed to be rehoused or killed for meat. 

"Frenchies are an expensive breed to have," remarked the founder of Wagmor Pets, Melissa Bacelar, "These dogs need and deserve to be treated very delicately. From food to bedding, to temperature. The thought of them sitting in cages dying was simply too much for me not to help."

And help they did! It cost about $30,000 to ship all the dogs overseas to the rescue center. Since then, families have already started adopting!

As soon as the pups landed on the USA shores, they were promptly given royal treatment. They were fed, bathed, cuddled, and socialized with humans (which includes lots of play time!). After a lifetime behind the bars of their cages, these adorable dogs are ready to start learning the ropes of being a pet. Adoption applications are pouring in for these perfect puppies!

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