Zoo Animals Will Record A Special Birthday Video For You

If you know someone who loves giraffes, zebras, or sloths, you might be inclined to get them a stuffed animal on their birthday. However, now thanks to one Washington zoo, you can send your BFF something even better, a personalized video! The Tacoma Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium will film a one-of-a-kind video message from any animal in their zoo grounds for only $50. It's not only great for a friend but helps out the zoo loads. 

We hope our new Animal Shoutouts bring that special joy that only animals can bring, even at a distance," said Conservation Engagement Curator Wendy Spaulding.

The zoo was forced to shut down like all other businesses during the pandemic, and because of that, their profits went way down, making it difficult to help all the animals in their care. The videos are a fun and educational way to help out during these tough times. Each video comes with the appearance of your choice of an animal as well as a few fun facts!

If you're interested in surprising your loved one with a video message from a furry friend, the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park offers VideoGrams from animals like mountain goats, porcupines, turkey vultures, bald eagles, barn owls, toads, slugs, and many more. Right now, sloths and sea otters are among the most popular, but head to their site and see which animal is perfect for the special day!

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