You Need to Preserve Your Family Recipes

Time never slows down, and neither does the human experience. One of the things that bring us close together on that limited timeline is the eating of meals with one another. It's extremely important to hold those old-country recipes near and dear because they might disappear in an instant...

It's likely that one of your favorite, most memorable meals of your life came from yours or someone else's grandmother. 

You know the one. And every time you think you've gotten close to cracking the recipe, that childhood memory comes chasing back to swat down your attempts at what you considered culinary mastery in your early life. 

Nostalgia is a powerful factor when experiencing any sort of stimulus, but experiencing food nostalgia is a uniquely powerful phenomenon that is nearly impossible to quell unless you learn how to do things for yourself. 

Obviously, you'll never be able to make anything as tasty as your grandmother did, that's just a fact of life, but if you learn to preserve her recipes, at least you can keep trying to work it out.

Chances are, your favorite family chefs have a homemade scrapbook stuffed with little index cards, napkins, and torn pieces of paper that contain the mystical recipes of your childhood. It's your job to make sure those recipes don't disappear. 

Although the paper might be torn and yellowed, dotted with coffee and oil stains, or practically illegible from the years of grandmother's handwashing followed by immediate contact (because no true master chef grandmother dries their hands after washing them), it's your job to make sure that these recipes don't get lost. 

If you have the opportunity, record the original recipe, and follow your favorite chef around the kitchen. Take notes, or film the experience if they're okay with that. 

Preserving family recipes is just as important as holding a family scrapbook, or hanging up a family member's portrait. Recipes are seldom celebrated pieces of history that tend to get swept away in the myriad of modern distractions. Retaining this information might be the most important thing you might do in your lifetime. 

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