Woman Does 45 Nice Things For Her 45th Birthday

One Wisconsin woman is celebrating her 45th birthday a little differently. Instead of asking for cakes and gifts to honor her big day, she has instead decided to perform 45 various acts of kindness to benefit others. Shannon Schultz decided last year, at age 44, that she would spend the year trying to be the best person she could be. She recounts her actions on her blog, the Kindness Countdown. 

Currently, Shannon is on week 38 of 45, making her not far from her end goal. Her birthday is in June, but she's not letting the quarantine stop her from doing good in trying times. She's been focusing on helping frontline workers and healthcare professionals risking their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. This also included donating personal protective equipment, food, and care packages to those in the community.

One of her most innovative acts was going around town and digging fire hydrants out of the snow, just in case there was a fire and the firefighters needed quick access to the water pipes. "My kids and I loaded up the van with some shovels," recalled Shannon, "and we went around two and just dug out as many fire hydrants as we could." This was only one of her several successful actions. 

Shannon hopes that her deeds inspire others to give back, even in the smallest of ways. Whether that be donating blood in a crisis, picking up litter when you see it, or something a little out of your comfort zone, Shannon says there is always good that can be done to someone else. She plans on doing the project again during her 50th or 52nd birthdays. 

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