West Virginia Ice Cream Truck Pays It Forward

In Barboursville, WV, one ice cream truck around town is serving up some seriously sweet treats. About a year ago, Shirley Sansom and her son Jacob decided it would be a fun idea to try their hand at running the roadship restaurant. With the help of the community, the truck was a huge success! That is, until coronavirus took all their customers. 

"The pandemic hit and we thought it was time to just start going out and try to make people happy," reported Shirley.

The mother-son duo has upgraded their ice cream truck to an ice cream and medical supplies vehicle. While sweet iced treats are still in stock, so are things like masks, decals, water and more. The money made on ice cream continues to profit the truck, but the proceeds from the masks and other non-edible items go to nonprofit organizations based around helping those with autism.

Jacob, abandoned in the woods at birth, was adopted by Shirley and her husband 28 years ago. He was given the credentials "failure to thrive" but thrived regardless. Shirley says that this ice cream truck teaches him that his diagnosis does not define him and also instills valuable life skills. For this family, it's always been about paying it forward. Their magical and medical ice cream truck will continue it's run until September 31.

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