Volunteers Come Together to Clean Up After Protests

This Saturday, several protests broke out in major cities all across the country. Citizens joined together to protest police brutality amid videos of violence toward people of color. These riots led to some property damages throughout the cities, though the following morning, several people showed up to help get things back on track. The city of Columbus, OH especially was eager to help out the next day. 

"It’s everyone’s city," said one volunteer. 

It wasn't just cleaning that the volunteers helped out with, it was sustaining life. Things like first-aid kits, water, sports drinks, masks, snacks, and earplugs were all offered to the protesters in the area.  Volunteers also stood near the storefronts boarded up with plywood to pass out water bottles, urging those who participated in the protests to "stay safe and stay hydrated."

Volunteers with professional experience have set up three stations in the rear of a lingerie store. These stations are readily equipped with contact solution, baking soda, water, clean Dial soap, and more. They are all items that are useful for removing pepper spray and other chemicals out of the eyeball. Somewhere between 30 to 50 protestors used this service. 

"No matter what side you’re on, everyone deserves medical care. We’re not affiliated with anyone," said one volunteer, "We just want to help.” Help they did, as many protestors thanked them for their care during such a tough time in their city. Overall, about 30 people volunteered in this cleaning and medical effort. 

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