Veteran Donates Land to Build Retreat for Homeless Addicts

For one veteran, giving back is the best way to bring some light to 2021. Marty Weber shared a beautiful life with his partner Jeff Poissant until Poissant passed away four years ago. Since they both served in the US military, Marty wanted to honor the memory of his deceased partner as well as their chosen career. The solution was Jeff's Camp, 36 acres purchased to be used as a rehabilitation retreat for mental illness, addiction, and homelessness. 

"If ever there was an issue that tries to unite our country it would be about supporting our veterans," said New Jersey Congressman Andy Kim. "So this is something where it should be all hands on deck. It should be a no-brainer to everybody."

Deep in the forest, Jeff’s Camp will be an 8,000-square-foot facility with elements like a thrift store, a sober living housing, health treatment, rehab services, and vocational training.

Weber was offered $3 million dollars for the property, though he turned it down instead for this important cause. The camp will also be working with homelessness and addiction organizations Just Believe and New Life Addiction Services. With Jeff's Camp, veterans working through their issues will be able to get back on their feet, work on themselves, and change their lives. 

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