UK Museum Breeds Endangered Harlequin Toad Successfully

Manchester Museum herpetologists deserve a round of applause for having successfully bred a critically-endangered toad for the first time in human history. The harlequin toad is back on the shores thanks to scientific advances. Following years of meticulous work, the researchers remade the habitat in which harlequin tadpoles thrive. These toads are also part of the genus atelopus.

"The university is the only institution outside Panama to house these frogs," said curator of herpetology at the Manchester Museum Andrew Gray. "So we’re over the moon we’ve achieved the first captive breeding of this remarkable species. Our success heralds the next chapter for more innovative amphibian conservation work." 

It is one of the 68 species that exist in the atelopus genus. And how beautiful!

Unfortunately, generating frog breeds is no easy (or cheap) task. Manchester Museum fundraising for the breeding project by use of various money-making methods. Among these is the Sponsor a Frog (or in this case, toad) program. With this sponsorship, payments get you an in-depth behind-the-scenes exploration of the museum’s vivarium. The toad habitat is ready for you to see, just pay your way. It won't be long until it's filled with harlequin toads!

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