UAE Reunites Two Families After Decades of Separation

The United Arab Emirates, also known as the AUE, joined two Jewish Yemeni families together after several decades apart. One of these families consisted of 15 members who were able to be reunited in Abu Dhabi thanks to the assistance of Emirati officials that helped transport relatives from Yemen and London travel to the city.

Yitzhak Fayez, 35, had not seen his grandparents and uncle since he moved to the UK from Yemen as a child. Joined by 11 of his family members from London, of which included five great-grandchildren, the group was able to join up with Fayez's grandparents and uncle.

"They are today meeting their great-grandchildren for the first time," said the once-estranged Fayez in a YouTube recording of the reunion. "Today, the UAE made my family's dream come true after we had lost hope on getting reunited, after 21 years of separation. The saying goes: those that give water to the thirsty, will live in prosperity for the rest of their lives. This is what the UAE has done for us. The people of peace, of bliss, of love."

The family of Fayez was separated for 21 years from their extended relatives. The other family reunited had been separated for 15 years. Fayez's mother, Losa, said that her suffering from the past two decades had finally concluded with the reunion of her two worlds. "I'm living a dream," she said, "Not quite sure if it's a dream or reality."

Jewish families in Yemen have slowly been coming out of hiding and rejoining their families. Hopefully, a new world will help these relatives meet once again. 

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