Train Conductor Befriends His Biggest Fan

As the pandemic forced people into their homes and away from public transportation,  but the commuter rail brought two new friends together for good. Troy Thornton of the Boston rail is an assistant conductor.

"I ride the trains, collect fares, let people on and off the trains,” said Troy. It might not seem like a lot, but to one little boy, it's the greatest job in the whole world. 

Jake is a little boy who loves trains, and whenever he got on the track to see his BFF Troy, it makes his whole day. Whenever the train rushes past, jake waves to his friend and watches the vehicle whizz past. 

According to Jake, he says that "It comes through the tunnel and it honks and Troy opens the door and says 'Hi Jake! See you tomorrow!'"

It might seem like a one-sided friendship, but Troy enjoys the interactions just as much as his little friend. "He makes my day more than you know," remarked Troy, "I knew Jake was going to be there to make my day and cheer me up and sustain me. You forgot all the troubles for that minute and it just carried you." Those coronavirus worries just melt away!

unfortunately, their friendship will soon take a hit. Troy will be starting his route on the Worcester line. Jake stopped by the station to wish his best friend goodbye, and finally experienced a very exciting ride on Troy’s train. Jake brought him a Dunkin’ gift card, purchased with birthday money he had saved up. Troy was very grateful, and their friendship continues to thrive. 

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