This Wildlife Reserve Is Under Intense Monetary Strain Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The owners of Borth Wild Animal Kingdom are in dire straits regarding funding for the Welsh zoo. Their animals are in danger of starving to deach due to lack of funds to care for their animals. 

“I’m sorry to say that financially things are looking bleak here at Borth Wild Animal Kingdom,” the owner said in a video. "“We have maybe a week’s money left and then we will have to start looking at re-homing some of our animals, or as a last resort euthanizing the ones we can’t find homes for.”

After an already-slow winter, the zoo's financial situation has worsened regarding the pandemic. The zoo also found out that a government zoo fund did not apply to Wales.

“We need help now more than ever. Despite everything, we are as determined as ever to not give up,” the owners said. 

The zoo has faced some unfortunate circumstances in the past, too. Home to more than 300 animals, there was an accident in which a lynx was strangled in "a terrible handling error," and another lynx was shot and killed following an escape. 

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